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Should you go to Rome? Definitely!

Updated: Jan 17, 2018

Rome. Is there a more romantic place? Most think of Paris as the romantic city of the world, I have to say I disagree. I stopped in Paris before I headed over to Italy. I was so dazzled by Italy.

The culture, history, people, food... everything there energized and delighted me.

I will say with Italy it is a big toss up between Venice and Rome. They are both gorgeous in their own rights but with a different pace. This post is on Rome though so I won't use up your time talking of the other wonderful places today.

For any person that is intrigued by history this place is a gold mine for you! I spent a few days walking around there and felt as if I had only seen the cusp of what this city has to offer. I will go back one day!

There is more to it than just the colosseum and Trevi fountain but they are still a must see in my opinion. The enormity of the colosseum will take your breath away. Standing where people had bled and died while the crowds roared; well there is just something surreal about sharing that space with those before you. As you leave there you can walk along the many ruins that depict the defeats and triumphs this great city has had. There are guides everywhere telling you the stories of what is before you. I was thankful for them and their love for the history of Rome as they shared it with us.

You can't miss the Vatican. I would recommend taking a whole day to really get to see it all. The Vatican City was literally its own city inside of Rome. It was amazing. (I hope you don't mind nude statues in every direction you look though.) There was so much to learn and take in. I wandered around gazing and taking pictures for hours but honestly could have continued for days. I gained a whole new outlook on Italy's religion and history while there.

I did love Trevi fountain, it left you feeling very upbeat. We got Gelato, listened to elderly gentleman playing peppy music and tossed coins into the water. My wish had already came true; I was in Italy. It was an all around fun spot! Walking the streets around that area was scenic and tantalizing; which really helped my waistline on that trip. (Sarcasm noted?) There were hosts standing outside restaurants inviting you to come try their restaurants or offering wine. The bakeries with tasty confections of dough and sweetness got me more than once. I found I really enjoy a traditional cannoli.

You know what pairs with pastries? Yes it's coffee. I was surprised at the differences in coffee there versus America. They are not greedy drinkers and about the size of the cup. It was quality over quantity. They don't do cups of brewed coffee but a caffè which is just a strong shot of coffee/espresso. You can still order things like cappuccino, caffè macchiato or caffè latte but if you want to be like the natives don't order after 11 A.M or after a meal. Those are morning beverages. A regular espresso is good anytime though! Sizes? Well, if you want to find something large they don't do things like Venti's from Starbucks. Sorry people.

I could have taken a cab I suppose but walking gives you a much better feel and navigation of the city, plus an opportunity to see more and interact with the local people. One also has to factor it in as some exercise to compensate for all that you plan to eat. If you choose to travel that way you will be tired but with a hearty appetite at the end of the day and sleep very well. I remember getting back to my B&B with at least an hour to kill before going out for dinner. Not feeling like engaging with anyone I just grabbed my book and coffee and sat in a windowsill where I could see the city and listen to the hum of the streets while I read. What could be more relaxing than that?

While my experience was nothing crazy to hear about it was still one of the best weeks in my life. If you go I know it will be one of the best in yours as well.

XOXO C.B Malamphy

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