• C.B Malamphy

Ian Rutledge: Not your average inspector.

Have you ever read a book and just fell in love with the writer or main character right away? Well it happens to me on a regular basis. In this example it is of Charles Todds; a writing duo series of Inspector Ian Rutledge. They have written 20 books in this series and I have bought almost all of them (yes I might have a problem). Each book delivers a thrilling tale through intelligent writing.

There are two stories happening in one reading. Rutledge made it through the great war but not without a few visible and not so visible scars. This series covers his personal journey of dealing with PTSD and the haunting voice in his head that has become his everyday companion and then of course, the crime that is at hand.

You get to follow along as he methodically investigates and ignores the proper laws of society that get in his way of solving his case. Each case is unique and with a dark edge that you rarely see coming. He delves into the secrets and personal lives of everyone; revealing the true nature of humanity in this post war society of England 1919. He paints an interesting picture of the wars long-lasting effect on country and on a man; the secrets they try to bury deep inside and live normally with.

If you enjoy vivid details and realistic characters with your suspense then you will love Charles Todds : Ian Rutledge. You will have many hours of enjoyment ahead of you once you pick up the first book for there will be many more to follow. Thanks for reading and checking out my little book review. I hope you enjoyed the info. If you have any recommendations yourself then please leave a comment below and I'll check it out. Who knows, it could even end up in my next book review!

XOXO C.B Malamphy.

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