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Her Royal Spyness anyone?

If you have never read a book by Rhys Bowen then you should get on it!

My favorite series of hers is "Her Royal Spyness". The main character is Georgiana Rannoch 34th in line to the throne of England; Georgie for short. She is witty, courageous, clever and extremely awkward. She is the common girl but of royal blood leaving her fraught with balancing the two worlds.

Her family; though in good standings is destitute which leaves poor Georgie with limited options. The delightful mysteries that are somehow landing at her feet are not her first choice...but again what else is a girl to do? Her misadventures are usually prescribed and provided for by her majesty the Queen.

One can't say no to the Queenie now can they?

She has a best friend named Belinda, that is probably worse off than herself and a horrid influence. Yet they are thick as thieves ( unlike the ones they chase around Europe) and somehow always manage to land on their feet.

Heres a little teaser.... There is a Mr. Darcy in these novels and he's not the average type of Darcy. He's just as down on his luck as Georgie. An Irish title and temper with a sneaky little job of his own. It's truly a perfect disastrous love match.

If you haven't picked up one of these books then I double dog dare you to give it a go and not laugh out loud as you read!

XOXO C.B Malamphy

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