• C.B Malamphy

A supportive cup of joe.

So who doesn't love a good cause? One that could be made part of your everyday life with ease. Well, I have one that is dear to my heart that could be a perfect one for you.

Coffee & Dogs. Two for one baby!

Correct my friends. It is coffee with a cause; the cause being more than just tantalizing your tastebuds and making your day great! Grounds and Hounds Coffee Co is coffee that supports the sweet puppers that are in need. Part of their sales go to no kill rescue centers and to helping dogs find homes.

How amazing is that?

So when you buy coffee from them, 20% of the proceeds go to organizations in your community to help the dogs in your area! They are not only passionate about dogs but about their coffee as well. It is all 100% organic and Fair Trade. Talk about a double whammy.

They have a great back story about how they got their start, you should check it out on their about page on groundsandhoundscoffee.com. While you're checking it out

hopefully between me and them, you will be easily persuaded to sneak

a peak at all their goods. I've ordered their tasty coffee and I have a mug myself; which is my all time favorite mug (and I'm not even biased or being paid to say that, scouts honor).

Both are quality made and with a reminder of what its all about.

So try one of their fun blends like "Paper & Slippers" or " Alpha Blend" and enjoy knowing that your money is going further than just the sip before you. I

know I do!

xoxo C.B Malamphy

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