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5 Money saving tips for traveling!

So you love traveling but you also have a budget or lack of funds? That is a struggle for most of us gypsy souls who love seeing the world. That doesn't have to hinder your wanderings though! There are many ways to save money and be able to follow your dreams. I'm just like you all. A dreamer on a budget but I'm not letting that hold me back. Follow along for a few tips to help make your next trip possible!

1) FLEXIBLE DATES. By keeping your dates flexible you can save tons of money. A lot of places run specials and if you keep yourself loose you can pounce on those deals and save yourself a couple hundred dollars in just your stay alone. Most places have peak times when everyone is flooding to visit at once. During that time the prices rise, but if you wait it out they will go back down and you can visit without all the crowds and more money in your pocket. Flexible dates can affect all of the following tips as well to save you even more.

2)HOPPER. For flights I love my Hopper app! You can enter in multiple dates to watch different flights for your destination to see when is cheaper. You will get notifications when the price drops or when its expected to start climbing. It will prompt you to buy now or to hold off. This gives you time to save and predict how much your going spend while saving you from making a rash purchase when you could wait for a better deal. (I saved about $300 on my last purchase through this app.)

3) AIRBNB & BOOKING.COM. When I'm checking out a city I like to get my ducks in a

row and know where I'm staying pretty early in advance. I generally use both of theses sources. You enter in your dates and budget and it will show you what they have to offer. Use the map option and it will give you drop pins showing you exactly where the places are located to help make your decision even easier. Both of these can get you pretty good prices. I like airbnb since it is so private and you can get your own place with a kitchen and parking at a steal compared to hotels with those accomodations. Booking.com will include local Hostels as well which are always a fun experience and usually provide wifi and free breakfast.

4) FOOD. Lets face it, when we travel we eat pretty tasty things the whole time. While

I am a strong advocate of eating and eating well, there is a way to not blow all your money on food. My strategy is to usually save eating out for dinner time as my biggest spending meal. If your staying at a place with it's own kitchen (airbnb) you can grab a few groceries and have stuff on hand to make breakfast before you hit the town. I still splurge by always grabbing my coffee from somewhere local after breakfast though ;). Or I alternate eating out for lunch versus breakfast based on my day. While it doesn't save a ton, $8-$15 a day adds up and is nothing to scoff at people!

5) FREEBIES. While there are tons of

things you will be spending money on that are very worthwhile there are also things that are free that are just as worthy. Before arriving look up all the free things the place that your visiting has to offer and historical sights to see. There are many you would probably be doing anyway but you'll find quite a few you didn't even realize they had to offer that are pretty neat!

I hope this has been helpful! If you have any tips to share leave a comment in the box below and share my page so we can all learn better ways to travel together. Bon voyage humans!

XOXO C.B Malamphy

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