I'm C.B Malamphy and this is my authors platform and blog. A little about myself. I live in Indiana and am a wife and dog mom to the greatest. I would call my self an adventurer and foodie as well. I am just now adding author and blogger to my self description which thrills me to no end (thrills and scares if I'm honest). I have written my first book which is in the publication process; now that's just crazy! I will have the book and more about it on here soon.

  So for my blog part... let me start off by saying I  just love traveling. I love finding new foods, sights, history and everything that falls on that spectrum. I'm guessing my readers do also.

  This world we live in is not as ugly as it is made out to be. I believe it has so much beauty to be seen and shared. We should all do it together!

E-Mail: malamphys.pen@gmail.com

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